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  1. The Rosa Mystica prayer. Oh Mary, Mystic Rose, Mother of Jesus and also Our Mother. You are Our hope, strength and consolation. Give us from heaven, your maternal blessing, the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  2. The first blessings of Rosa Mystica statues took place on the 7 th July, at Holy Trinity church Garston Liverpool, then for a short time at St Lawrence’s Birkenhead. But the longest St Marys Wigan. Every statue is blessed with the water from the spring of grace at Fontanelle.
  3. The Virgin Mary is referred to by many poetic titles in Christian tradition. Rosa Mystica or Mystical Rose is one such title of porilectahimat.bolahoosupberozirebelisnombcep.co form of Marian devotion is invoking Mary's prayers by calling upon her using a litany of diverse titles, and the title 'Mystical Rose' is found in the Litany of porilectahimat.bolahoosupberozirebelisnombcep.co , the title has also been associated with a form of devotion promoted in Italy Attributes: Blessed Virgin Mary, rose.
  4. Rosa Mystica It was in that the Mother of God appeared to Juan Diego in Tepeyac Hill in Mexico and performed "the miracle of the roses" as proof to Bishop Zumarraga of her presence. Roses never grew on that rocky terrain, and certainly not in December.
  5. Receive the core Rosa Mystica teachings during 3 in-person retreats—each one transmitting the teaching of a different face of the Magdalene. This first year of initiation and study is the preparation for the second years where you can choose to deepen into hands on anointing and full practice of anointing priestess.
  6. Apparitions of Our Lady - Rosa Mystica at Montichiari-Fontanelle Introduction of Booklet by: Franz Speckbacher, Author of Booklet (1) Dear Readers, Our dear Mother of God has been appearing in Montichiari-Fontanelle (Italy) since , at a time when Faith is diminishing more and more, and sins are on the increase at a most alarming speed.
  7. Activate the Rosa Mystica; Access the core Magdalene teachings of: I am safe; I am a temple; I am embodied as a divine human; I am here as a vessel of Love; Explore the history and symbolism of the rose; Understand the different meanings and mystical phases that each of the 6 petals hold; Activate our 6-petalled rose-heart.
  8. I wish that the 13th July be celebrated each year in honour of the Rosa Mystica." in three different sections, three categories of religious, consecrated souls, and priests corresponding to the three swords in the vision and the three intentions for which she should offer her prayers and sacrifices. St. Maria Crocifissa di Rosa appeared.

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